Dimitri Aatos Ellinas

Black blank loaded


Audiovisual installation for four computer controlled slide projectors.

black_blank_loaded is an attempt to transcend a technological object which has fallen out of use. The computer replaces the mechanical interface of the projector essentially creating a new post-digital object, which although heavyweight and very much tactile can only be controlled through the digital domain. The computer controlled slide projector becomes the medium, and as such it defines the compositional material, its parameters and their ranges. The projections consisting of darkness, projected light and images create an interplay on four walls which is sonified by means of amplification on the mechanical parts of the projectors and synthesised sounds, resulting in a spatial counterpoint. black_blank_loaded is an audiovisual experience of disorientating nature.

Collaborators: Giorgos Mizithras|Giorgos Stavridis|Dimitri Aatos Ellinas|Altea Allesandrini
Technologies used: Max/MSP, Arduino, Ableton Live